Monday, September 12, 2011

Limekiller at Large #1

Limekiller at Large
The first issue of my new e-comic series.
When the head of the Extra-Normal Abilities Management Agency is killed in a car crash, his daughter, Michelle, is mysteriously whisked away to the Citadel of Integrity, home of the League of integrity, the World's Greatest Superheroes.
But E.N.A.M.A employee Arizona Ryder has problems of her own, namely in the form of her philandering, superhero husband Commander Dynamic. So the last thing she needs is to be sent to Florida on an assignment. 
Why her? she's a secretary, not an agent?
What is Michelle's connection to the deceased superheroine, Ms. Premium? 
And what does it all have to do with Marty Limekiller, former janitor to the League of Integrity, moderate hedonist, and aging slacker?

Limekiller at Large, a tale of Sex, Superheroes, and Snack cakes.

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