Monday, September 12, 2011

Limekiller at Large #1

Limekiller at Large
The first issue of my new e-comic series.
When the head of the Extra-Normal Abilities Management Agency is killed in a car crash, his daughter, Michelle, is mysteriously whisked away to the Citadel of Integrity, home of the League of integrity, the World's Greatest Superheroes.
But E.N.A.M.A employee Arizona Ryder has problems of her own, namely in the form of her philandering, superhero husband Commander Dynamic. So the last thing she needs is to be sent to Florida on an assignment. 
Why her? she's a secretary, not an agent?
What is Michelle's connection to the deceased superheroine, Ms. Premium? 
And what does it all have to do with Marty Limekiller, former janitor to the League of Integrity, moderate hedonist, and aging slacker?

Limekiller at Large, a tale of Sex, Superheroes, and Snack cakes.

Right now it's available for Nook:

and Kindle:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Strangely Odd Tales Issue 1 Print Version now available on Amazon

Now you can buy the print version of Strangely Odd Tales 1, at Amazon:

Have Broom, Will Travel

Now available, Have Broom, Will Travel.
When Susan Crone Takes up the post of village witch, she gets a bit more than she bargained for. She ends up with a klutzy apprentice, and goes up against Damian, the man-witch. Soon Susan finds herself on a journey to stop Damian's power-mad father from destroying all the magic in the world.
Along the way she confronts an army of mermen, a city stomping monster, a shape-shifting demon, flying monkeys, natives looking for a sacrifice for their volcano god, and some munchkins dealing "Magic Herb". Of course she also has to deal with Damian, and his rather loose definition of "celibacy".

Available for Kindle:

And several other formats:

Hopefully the paperback version will be here soon.

Strangely Odd Tales Issue 1 now available

OK, the first issue of Strangely Odd Tales, is out for Kindle, and in paperback.   It includes a couple of great classic pulp stories, and two new ones.

This month:
Lords of the Stratosphere, by Arthur J Burk. Beings in an invisible sphere, high above the Earth use a strange beam to lift buildings from their foundation!

The Shunned House, by HP Lovecraft.  What is the secret of the disturbing old house, and why does everyone who's lived there whither and die and early death?  A classic from the reknowned master of horror, HP Lovecraft.

The Living Rage, by James Conder. When a government experiment goes awry, only G.S. Lyman, Accidental Master of the Unknown, can save the day.

The Crimson Hag, Chapter One, by Michael Mayzshon.  This is the first chapter in the serialized tale of the vigilante The Crimson Hag!  Who is this new, violent, and possibly mentally unstable vigilante? A new hero in the vein of such classic characters as The Spider, and The Shadow.

The Kindle Version is here:

The Paperback version is here:

Welcome to Strangely Odd Publishing

Hey, and welcome to Strangely Odd Publishing.  Home of Pulp and genre fiction.

I'm James Conder, author of (most) of what the stuff published by Strangely Odd Publishing. All of it will be on Kindle, and hopefully other formats soon, (including the dead tree editions).

and ummm. . .

You know for a writer, I'm not very good at the whole blogging thing.